Home Weatherization Assistance Program

This program strives to preserve and improve homes by making them healthier, safer and more energy affordable. The program specifically focuses on assisting low-income people, giving priority to elderly, individuals with disabilities and families with young children. Inspections and tune-ups of heating systems are done, safety inspections of all gas, oil and wood appliances, and electrical, pest and plumbing inspections are done as needed. Insulation is installed, general air sealing measures done and minor repairs that are necessary in order to insulate the home.

Everyone benefits from weatherization because it:

  • Lowers future costs of energy by conserving energy, thereby reducing the need to create new energy generation sources.
  • Preserves homes affordable to low-income families.
  • Improves health and safety of homes.
  • Reduces energy usage and a home’s carbon footprint.
  • Improves the local economy by creating jobs and supporting business through the purchase of weatherization materials.

To qualify, the gross income received by all household members must be at or below 60 percent state or  200 percent of the current federally established poverty guidelines – whichever is greater. Income documentation and evaluation is required to determine actual eligibility. The homeowner will be required to sign authorization forms if determined eligible for assistance. Homes that are severely deteriorated and require extensive repairs may be ruled “beyond the scope of the program” and therefore ineligible for weatherization

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To see if you qualify or if you have any questions call us at 360-500-4512 or 1-800-828-4883. You will be asked to provide required documentation to establish eligibility prior to scheduling your appointment.