Senior Companion Program

Senior Companion Program (SCP)   Senior Companion Program (SCP)

Members of the Senior Companion Program (SCP) are low-income people 55 years of age and over. They serve 15-40 hours per week and receive a non-taxable stipend of $2.65/ hour and also mileage and meal reimbursement. Senior Companions provide home visits and personal assistance to elders or disabled adults who are often struggling to remain living independently in their own residence rather than exist in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. Members of SCP are advocates for the elderly who may suffer from chronic health conditions, be physically and/or emotionally disabled, or otherwise require the help of a caring and knowledgeable friend and advocate.

In Washington, there are four SCP projects in which over 170 Senior Companions assist homebound elderly with shopping, paying bills and understanding Medicare policies and procedures; provide respite to care givers who have a family member afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease; assist the elderly who are attempting to recover from alcoholism receive appropriate treatment, while providing needed counsel, companionship support; arrange for the required support services and provide advocacy for elderly patients who have recently been discharged from a hospital or other medical facility. This is a limited but representative sample of community service activities whereby Senior Companions improve the quality of life of older persons who benefit when there is a friend/advocate willing to represent their best interests.

For more information on the Senior Companion Program please contact Lori Valentine at 360-533-5100 / 1-800-828-4883.