Coastal Community Action Program (CCAP) is part of the Community Action Network of Agencies across the country. Community action agencies truly make the promise of helping people change lives and fighting poverty at the local level. CCAP creates opportunities for people to prosper personally though a variety of programs and services such as weatherization, job training and placement, housing, energy assistance and transportation. CCAP knows that people in our communities are experiencing growing financial challenges amid an uncertain economic climate and are one paycheck away from becoming homeless. Coastal Community Action Program helps to remove the barriers that prevent achieving economic stability. Our partnerships within our communities help to provide support and opportunity for our citizens in need of assistance.

Important Notice

The Student Needs Assistance Program (SNAP) is working with the United Way this year to supply students with necessary school supplies.  Distribution will be at the South Shore Mall (old KB Toys store), Elma Food Bank, Oakville, Ocean Shores Food Bank and Westport Food Bank.  United Way and CCAP are working on distribution dates and will update the site. Anyone who would like to donate funds to purchase school supplies can send it to CCAP-SNAP at 117 E. Third Street, Aberdeen, WA  98520